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Sac and Fox Casino Partnering with City Wide of Oklahoma to Provide Sterile Gaming Environment

STROUD (September 10, 2020) – In an effort to provide a safe but entertaining place for its customers, Sac and Fox Casino has implemented an ongoing sanitizing schedule for guests looking to “clean house” through jackpots and numerous other daily promotions.

Sac and Fox Casino is partnering with City Wide of Oklahoma to provide a casino that is safe for customers seeking gaming entertainment during the worldwide pandemic. With the COVID-19 virus affecting everyone’s lives, Sac and Fox Casino will be providing scheduled cleanup each day along with routine cleaning throughout the day and night.

“Our number-one goal as we transition through this pandemic is to provide a safe and sterile environment for our guests and employees,” Robert Abney, a Sac and Fox Casino executive, said. “We are committed to keeping the entire casino disinfected so that everyone is able to enjoy themselves to the fullest while they are here.”

City Wide will be providing cleaning crews and oversight of a deep-cleaning process that involves a hospital-grade chemical used to maintain a disinfected environment at the casino, which recently re-opened its doors to the public. The cleaning chemicals, which have been approved by the CDC and EPA, have proven to be effective against hundreds of viruses, including COVID-19.

Cleaning and disinfecting crews from City Wide are scheduled every day to provide a deep-cleaning and electrostatic cleaning daily at 7 a.m. Casino staff have also been trained to work the other eight-hour shift. Cleaning crews from City Wide and Sac and Fox Casino will work together to provide ongoing cleaning services.

“We believe the deep-cleaning process we have set up for Sac and Fox Casino will be very effective at maintaining an ongoing disinfected environment that will make guests feel right at home,” Abney said. “We have always taken pride in our efforts to provide a positive experience for our guests and these efforts are another example of the steps we are willing to take to make a difference.”

Sac and Fox Casino seeks to provide the most entertaining gaming experience in Oklahoma while supporting the objectives of the Sac and Fox Nation. With locations in Stroud and Shawnee (Black Hawk Casino), the casino is committed to exceeding its guest experiences by developing a superior team of employees who are responsive to community needs and focused on maximizing the entertainment value to the customers.

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